Buy Credits

Session Credits

Bulk buy your workouts to get the best possible price. One credit = one session, and you can even share your sessions and gift them to a soon-to-be-sweaty friend.

First class

Single class only £6 - lasts 7 days and can only be purchased once

One Session

£12 per session - valid for 3 months

Ten Sessions

£8 per session - valid for 6 months

Twenty Sessions

£7 per session - valid for 9 months

Steel Week

TRIB3. At special times within the month we offer you the chance to get onto the converted #wall of Steel. Starts on a Mondays within a month these weeks are called STEEL WEEK. This amazing 7-day STEEL package is from a Monday - Sunday, once a day for only £40.

£40 for 7 workouts (7 day expiry)

£40 for 7 workouts (7 day expiry)


To become a Warrior at TRIB3 you have to complete 50 sessions. Sound’s easy? Then make the commitment and purchase the 50 pack for a discounted rate - The pack or sessions have to be completed within 5 months OR WILL EXPIRE - Can you complete the challenge and go onto the converted #WARRIORWALL

Warrior Package

£300 for 50 sessions (5 month expiry)

Trib3 Elite

20 sessions per month, full dietary support throughout the program. Weekly check ins with the ELITE coaches, measurements and food goals at the start and after every 4 weeks on the program. SERIOUS RESULTS! Join TEAM ELITE!


20 sessions per month, full dietary support provided, GUARANTEED RESULTS.

Member Offers

£50 off a physical activity belt

Get a huge discount on a MyZone® MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt and/or watch - perfect to help you get the most out of a TRIB3 session