Christmas Round Up


Christmas Round Up


Well…what a year it has been for TRIB3 and its’ community!!


We want to thank each and everyone of you for training with us this year. We have loved to witness you all hitting your goals that you have set at TRIB3. We have had members reach 700+ sessions, hitting personal best times in 10ks, members losing the weight they wanted to for weddings and had incredible numbers for our GLOBAL STEEL WEEK, with many of the TRIB3 community doing a steel week for the first time ever! The numbers of members we have had hitting WARRIOR and IMMORTAL status has been amazing and we have continued to grow on a GLOBAL SCALE opening our first club in China. 

The events this year have been outstanding and you are the ones who have brought the incredible atmosphere and community spirit to each and every session! TRIB3 is all about bringing everyone together and making sure WE SWEAT TOGETHER.


We hope you enjoyed the Christmas parties and we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We still expect to see you all training hard through the Christmas break though and ready to keep smashing it in 2019!!

We hope you have a lovely New Year!!





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