Important information

A message for our TRIB3Rs,

Following governmental provisions communicated on Friday 20th March regarding further containment measures now in place in the UK, our UK stores are temporarily closed as we collectively focus on getting through the developing COVID-19 situation. TRIB3 was started to bring people together but we recognise for now it’s important to take steps to help you stay safe and well and make sure we can all work together to come through this crisis.

For those of you on monthly subscriptions, we will freeze your membership for the period of the closure and for those of you who have purchased packages with us we will extend the expiry date of your pack by the duration of the closure period to ensure you do not miss out on using any of your sessions. If you are brand new to TRIB3 we are aiming to be back open as soon as we can, in-line with governmental advice, so we hope to meet you in the studios in the near future.

We are proud to have launched TRIB3 at Home workouts for you so we can keep you active and keep coming together even though we are apart. You can download a new workout every day here or you can tune in at 11AM each day via our Instagram to follow the workout live with our coaches.

Remember, if you are feeling poorly or displaying any symptoms of the virus please visit the NHS website for more information. The government has now implemented a more formal lockdown for all citizens, bar key workers, so please stay inside and do not travel. Our frontline healthcare workers are staying in post to help us, we must stay at home to help them.

If you wish to offer support to those who are self-isolating or request help from the community you can join our support group on Facebook and use the hashtag #selfisolationhelp.

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve offered us over the last few weeks. We are so proud of our amazing community.

Stay safe and well TRIB3Rs and we’ll see you back in the studio soon.