Cuzco’s WARRIOR Patricia


At TRIB3 we are all about celebrating our amazing members. We want to share this incredible story from one of our members at the Cuzco site in Madrid…Patricia…

I live three minutes away from TRIB3 Cuzco and first heard about it in October through the marketing of the opening date. On 29th of January this year I visited the club and I was received by Aza and he explain to myself in a personal way how TRIB3 worked, what it offered, the goals and this really caught my interest. I bought 20 sessions, but the truth is that I could not imagine myself going, considering that I had never been to a gym consistently and I had never exposed my body to high levels of intensity before and I had a sedentary life.


I went for my first session the following day at 6:30 in the morning and the coach was Pablo, who explained all the zones to me and how the session would work before the class started. After three minutes in to training, I wanted to leave! But Pablo is an excellent professional, who kept me motivated! After the class he took me to see my minute-by-minute performance from the MyZone belts (which are heart rate monitor belts that we are given free to wear during the class). I was really happy to see my first physical performance on screen. That’s how I was motivated to attend classes, especially with Pablo, who has been a huge support to me and how I improved my physical condition, performance and perseverance.


That’s how one day they became several days of classes, and before I knew it I achieved my first steel week, then my second steel week, and finally reaching 50 sessions that took me to the Warrior status.


 This story is part of the experience that the TRIB3 team has seen, but behind it, there was a great desire to improve my physical condition. I needed to strengthen my spirit through personal growth processes that go hand in hand with strengthening my mind and body. In April 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had two surgeries and radiotherapy. The treatment led to an increase in weight.


 In August 2019 I completed all the treatment given. My body reacted very well and I was given the all clear!


After such an experience, you wake up a great desire to take care of yourself more and to improve your physical condition.


I always remember the words of Pablo, he told me in each session your body will tell you I do not want to… I’m tired, but you can achieve everything you set out to do, those words were constantly on my mind. I finish every 45-minute sessions with my body tired but motivated. That is why TRIB3 is a place where you can get out the best of you, see the results on the screen and celebrate at the end of each session with a round of applause. I love taking a picture at the end of a class because is a part of the motivation, you get to celebrate achievement and feel part of a group.


 TRIB3 has coaches who always motivate the participants, make the classes dynamic and use people’s names during the sessions. The Front of House Team always have a smile when they greet you and will go out of their way to help you with anything.


I could not have achieved the WARRIOR status without all of the above! Thank you for the work they do because behind each person there is a story and a motivation to improve their fitness.


 Now I aim for IMMORTAL!!!!!!



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