HIIT has major benefits on fitness, strength, muscular tone and weight management, as well as helping to improving mood. However, with many of the moves being large compound full-body exercises, and the nature of the workout often being maximum intensity, how can you HIIT all year long and avoid injury? 

To help answer this, Sheffield physiotherapy clinic, Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness, have kindly written us the following article, which should help ensure you spend less time on the treatment table and more time on the treadmill.

As you well know, TRIB3 have developed a HIIT workout that incorporates three different sections to it, challenging the body in lots of different ways and giving maximum gains to the workouts.

If you are new to this form of exercise, the risk of injury can be a lot higher. As such, we would recommend you adapt the exercises to a lower impact version for the first 4-6 weeks. This will allow your body to build up the required strength, whilst also working on the form and technique needed to complete the exercises.


Once you have completed this initial 4-6 weeks of training, we then recommend adhering to the following principles to avoid injury:

• Wear the correct footwear. Feet, ankles, knees, hips and back – they’re all connected. Therefore, ensure that your trainers are providing the support needed when completing exercises such as high knees, burgess and jump squats. Getting advice on trainers can make or break your body, and this is the first place to start when embarking on HIIT classes!

• Warm up correctly. HIIT classes require maximum intensity from the word go! So, we advise that when you got into the studio you use the time before the bell rings to warm-up, or park further away and jog to class. The warm-up is there to gradually increase your heart rate, temperature and blood pressure to get your body ready for an increase in effort. It also allows the muscles and joints to move and to get ready for the challenges ahead.

• Use a weight that allows for higher repetitions and do not overload yourself, particularly if you are new to classes. Always remember that when using weights, it becomes harder to sustain a good technique, and technique is VITAL! It is perfectly fine to drop the weight during the exercise if you’re struggling to maintain form, and especially if you experience any pain or discomfort. The instructors at TRIB3 are well trained and can always offer alternatives – don’t just put up with pain or discomfort.

• If you are new to HIIT, aim for 2 sessions per week that have a gap of 2-3 days between them. You will find you can sustain this routine better and it will be much better for your body and joints. Resist the temptation to do a session every day!

• If you are a long-term TRIB3R, then three / four sessions a week is perfect. It gives the body time for adequate rest or some cross-training. Towards this, we recommend combining HIIT sessions with some flexibility work such as Pilates or Yoga. The body loves change and challenge but also requires nurturing. Having a good, varied routine in the week will help avoid injury and problems, which mean you can HIIT all year long and avoid periods of injury. 

• If you have any niggles or injuries, get them seen to by a qualified Physiotherapist as soon as they crop up! Prevention is better than cure and often the longer things go on for the harder they are to treat due to the compensations and adaptations the body makes.

• Following on from the mantra that prevention is better than cure, book yourself a monthly sports massage. This is brilliant way to deal with any problems before they occur.  Professional athlete’s train hard but look after their bodies at the same time by getting regular massage and using a foam roller.

Unfortunately, injury and pain are something we all face at some point or another – particularly if you’re intent on finding out just how far you can push yourself. However, if you follow these guidelines, then you will have the best chance of achieving all of the benefits of TRIB3, and still be able to HIIT all year long.  

The team at KATIE BELL will be running a complimentary drop in session at TRIB3 for our members to make use of. If you have any injuries, niggles, pain and need to get it sorted come and meet one of the Physios. These are to be confirmed but will start in September!

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