Since I stopped playing rugby, I have had a constant battle with my weight! Sometimes I would feel slim other times I wouldn’t. I spent countless hours doing what I thought was working out, but on reflection I probably just spent most of my time on my phone not really doing a lot! I would avoid the cardio section like the plague and tell myself I wasn’t a runner so therefore I didn’t need to hit the treadmills or cross trainers. All I had to worry about was the weights area, they would get me to where I wanted to be, right! 

At times the battle with my weight would dictate everything I did, if I woke up in the morning and felt overweight it would ruin my whole day I might as well of gone back to bed and waited for the next day. I would be a self-conscious mess and not a pleasant person to be around. Yet I still didn’t realise I had the power to change all of that! 

In the back end of 2016 I ballooned to 113kg and with a years’ worth of travelling from January 2017 with my Girlfriend I knew I had to do something to be happy whilst I was away. Yet again all I did was hit the weights area of the gym, barely change my diet and as a result I didn’t lose much weight at all.

January 2017 came around and off I went travelling trying to reassure myself I wasn’t overweight and whilst I was away, through nothing more than a lack of food I lost weight. I maybe hit the gym a total of 10 times from January to November. I maybe did a few press ups in my room in the hostels or a couple of bicep curls with my back pack but all that did was trick myself into thinking I was changing myself.

November came and we moved on to Australia, it was there that through a friend we both got dragged along to a group exercise class and needless to say I died! But I enjoyed it! They also had body composition machines so on my first session I paid my $35 to have my body read. Naively I thought it would tell me I was 110kg of pure muscle and I was super healthy. In fact, it told me I was 110kg with 29% body fat and the fat around my organs which they measured on a scale from 1 – 10 somehow, I tipped the scale at a 12, work that one out? All I knew was that it needed to change!

6 weeks passed and we had been to the group classes a few times and I lost just under 2kg, but I started to feel slightly better. Just like that a year had passed and it was time to come home.

2018 was fast approaching and with our new-found confidence from group classes we both started thinking the classic “new year, new me”. Considering I had been working in the leisure industry my whole adult life I’d never heard of group exercise gyms but we thought we would have a look around Sheffield to see if there was any so to google we went.

TRIB3 came up as the top search and Rosie immediately said “I know people that go there its meant to be amazing” so onto the website we went and signed up for our first class. January 9th rolled around and time for our first class. We arrived both trying to pretend we weren’t nervous and thought we’ll smash this we’ve been doing group exercise in Australia! We were greeted by George and Natasha and were instantly made to feel part of the family. We were given a show around and both of us were amazed by the place, “you mean to tell me this is a gym not a 5* hotel?”.

9:45 and the first bell went off…treadmill time! I remember feeling like my lungs were going to burst but George was behind us encouraging us the whole time. Even though it was a busy class he didn’t ever let us forget he was there. 6 bells later and the cold towel came out of the fridge and once we’d stretched, we had our sweaty picture taken for the wall. We immediately said to George “okay where do we sign up, we want the biggest Direct Debt membership you have, we’re in!”. We signed up and struggled back to the car. I remember saying to Rosie “omg that was 10x harder than in Australia but just think if we stick to it just imagine what we could achieve”.

I instantly became addicted I started doing 5 – 7 classes a week. I became part of the furniture, I felt involved! Having not long moved to Sheffield it was not only exercise for me but a chance to get to know people and have a bit of social interaction also. My weight was beginning to drop, fast, 100kg was in sight! In mid-February after a class George jokingly said, “do you want to start work here as your here enough” and I jumped at the chance joke or not.

The following Monday I started working as part of the front of house team and continued to smash the sessions. 100kg came and went and for the first time since I was about 15 years old, I was less than 100kg. The more sessions I did the easier it became to get my diet on track, it was like the exercise and diet went hand in hand.

I was going to work in America in April so I knew I didn’t have long left before it would be over so I gave it everything I could. The week before I left, I weighed myself one last time, the scales read 92kg, my body fat was now 14% and none of my clothes fit! I couldn’t believe it I felt amazing physically and mentall! For the first time in as long as I could remember I wasn’t an XL anymore! For now, my TRIB3 journey was over off to America I went!

Fast forward to August and whilst trying to keep up my training attempting to do TRIB3 like classes on my own in the little gym where I was working it was time to come home. A job opened up at TRIB3 in Leeds so I applied and was successful! I was back working in an environment I loved promoting a product that had changed my life! I came back and although my first class was a tough one, I was hooked again! I have since moved back to the Ecclesall Road site in Sheffield where it all began! Finding a balance between work and training isn’t hard when you love both! I am currently sat at around 94kg and happy, I no longer allow my weight to dictate my life! I can wear what I want without fear of it not fitting I’m healthier, happier and it’s all thanks to TRIB3 and the team.


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