Snow graduated from the Guangzhou Sports Institute for Dance Performance with a Cheerleading Specialty, since high school she has always loved sports and has studied Aerobics for many years.

 During her time at university, she was a professional cheerleader and represented Guangdong Province and her school in many national aerobics and cheerleading competitions. She also competed in the Asian Public Gymnastics Festivals and won the championship in the National Competition.

 She is very passionate about sports and fitness. She loves to lead group sessions and has her own V-Bound trampoline fitness class and Aerobic Dance fitness class.

Snow brings a variety of coaching to TRIB3, making every session a fun sweat fest!

 Specialist Classes: FULL BODY & COR3.



Jun is a former professional swimmer and National athlete. He is the 1500m freestyle champion of the University.

After graduating from South China University, Jun completed a master’s degree in Physical Education.

Jun has 10 years of professional physical training experience and excels at various training modes.

Specialist Classes: STR3NGTH & SPE3D.



Leigh is our Coach from the UK. He has been working for TRIB3 since the first club opened in 2016 and he has been responsible for training new TRIB3 Coaches in our European clubs.

 He is an ex professional rugby player and has always had a passion for sport and fitness. With experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Coach delivering a variety of class types, Leigh brings a wealth of knowledge, energy and positivity to the studio in every class.

 Specialist Classes – FULL BODY, STR3NGTH, SPE3D & ON THE ROP3S



FiFi has been a fitness instructor for 2 years in Guangzhou, and joined Team TRIB3 in November 2018!

 FiFi knows her stuff when it comes to getting fitter and losing weight from her personal experience. She used to have very low energy and weighed 180 pounds before she became a trainer. FiFi understands the persistence it takes to get in shape.

 Heathy habits have become a part of her life after entering the fitness circle and has also make made her more outgoing and confident! FiFi is the perfect personality to drive you to find the love of fitness.

 Specialist Classes – LOWER BODY, STR3NGTH & COR3

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