TRIB3 is becoming very famous for our amazing one of a kind shakes!!

If you do not automatically grab a protein shake after a workout then let us tell you why you should…

The food you eat after cardio exercise is just as important as the exercise itself and reaching for a protein shake after a session complements your workout.

Refuelling your body after an intense cardio workout helps improve performance and recovery. Your muscles cannot rebuild themselves without the proper building blocks of protein and carbohydrates. You absolutely must provide muscles with the raw materials and supplies that they need in order to recover and grow. An efficient workout is not complete until you’ve refuelled.

 The timing and quality of your post-workout meal is arguably one of the most important details in your quest for a better body, so grabbing a shake at our mixology bar is the perfect way to get the goodies back in your body.

If time is your excuse for not getting in a meal, the solution is easy order before your class … the mixology bar at TRIB3 will have it ready for you immediately after your workout!


Now if that has not persuaded you then take a look at some of the shakes you could be having…you will not believe how something that tastes so amazing is so good for you!


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