I think we can all agree that Sheffield is such a lovely city and has an amazing spirit. One story that has recently gained TRIB3’s attention is the sweet story about a young boy from Sheffield back in 1944 who witnessed a terrible event, but something incredible has stemmed from it.

Back in 1944 when Tony Foulds was just 8 years old, he was playing in Endcliffe park and witnessed an American B-17 Bomber known as Mi Amigo crash down killing all 10 airmen on board. They were returning from a bombing raid and Tony says that he owes his life to the airmen for their efforts not to hit anyone on the ground.

BBC presenter and TRIB3 regular Dan Walker saw Tony in the park planting new flowers and asked him about the memorial and this is a story that stuck with Dan. Dan took to social media with the hope of arranging an RAF fly-past. To this day Tony, now 82 years old, visits the crash site regularly and cares for the memorial.

Thanks to the power of social media and the community of Sheffield, on the 22nd of this month there is an RAF fly-past for the 75th anniversary to thank Tony.

So, if you are around, make sure you join the community in Endcliffe park for the fly-past.


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