Taking TRIB3 to the Next-Level means pushing our workout even further and bringing in a new and exciting element!

Introducing the AIRBIKE which brings tons of benefits to your workout…

The AirBikes are a total body workout, targeting your core and upper body more than any other cardio machine. Do not worry…these may look scary but they are quick and easy to use!

This low impact machine allows the Next-Level workout to be even more inclusive bringing people of all fitness levels and abilities together.

Push, pull and pedal to target your core, upper and lower body using air resistance. Using RPM and calorie based goals on the AirBikes you can track your progress more than ever before making your workout more measurable.

Come down for a session and you will see how the AirBikes enhance the existing experience, creating more space and variety in the Resistance Zone.

Most importantly…the AirBikes bring more efficiency to your workout, allowing you to BURN EVEN MORE CALORIES!! 


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