As you all know at TRIB3 we love to celebrate our members and their successes. During your time at TRIB3 we celebrate each milestone of your journey.

The first is becoming apart of the TRIB3 and HIIT THE WALL once you have completed your first session. We will take a sweaty picture of you after the class which you will then place onto the wall.

Then we move onto your first challenge to become STEEL. This is 7 workouts in 7 days…achieve this challenge for your STEEL title.

Once you have completed the STEEL challenge you work towards 50 sessions completed to become a WARRIOR!!

Then you are well on your way to hitting the next milestone of your TRIB3 journey which is 100 sessions completed to become IMMORTAL!

After hitting the huge 100 sessions your journey has only just began…next step is 300 sessions which will give you the status of SPARTA!!

The next step? 500 sessions making you TITAN!!

The last and final challenge is hitting the AMAZING 1000 sessions, giving you the ultimate status… PLATINUM!

We cannot wait to see who will be TRIB3’s first ever PLATINUM member!

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