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For a limited time we are offering a WARRIOR EXCLUSIVE pack. 50 workouts, WARRIOR t-shirt, exclusive discounts and promotions with local partners. Complete all 50 and you will earn your place on the #WARRIORWALL

Warrior Exclusive

£450 for 50 sessions (12 month expiry)

Session Credits

Bulk buy your workouts to get the best possible price. One credit = one session, and you can even share your sessions and gift them to a soon-to-be-sweaty friend.


Free first session during our open week

First class

Single class only £8 - lasts 7 days and can only be purchased once

One Session

£15 per session - valid for 30 days

Five Sessions

£14 per session - valid for 3 months

Ten Sessions

£13 per session - valid for 6 months

Fifteen Sessions

£12 per session - valid for 6 months

Twenty Sessions

£11 per session - valid for 9 months

Thirty Sessions

£10 per session - valid for 12 months

Steel Week

TRIB3. At special times within the month we offer you the chance to get onto the converted #wall of Steel. Starts on a Mondays within a month these weeks are called STEEL WEEK. This amazing 7-day STEEL package is from a Monday - Sunday, once a day for only £55.

£55 for 7 workouts (7 day expiry)

£55 for 7 workouts (7 day expiry)

Trib3 Monthly Memberships

Commit to joining the TRIB3 to boost your motivation and grab amazing loyalty rates. Minimum 3 month term.

Iron Package

8 sessions per month

Diamond Package

12 sessions per month


20 sessions per month, full dietary support provided, GUARANTEED RESULTS.

Member Offers

£50 off a physical activity belt

Get a huge discount on a MyZone® MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt and/or watch - perfect to help you get the most out of a TRIB3 session