TRIB3 at Home

by kirsty.angove • 31/03/2020

We are bringing TRIB3 workouts to your homes for the very first time – here’s what you need to know. While most people globally are being restricted to working from home and limiting as much as possible how much they go outside, it is still really important for your emotional and physical wellbeing to stay […]

TRIB3 property

Choosing a property

by kirsty.angove • 27/03/2020

TRIB3’s Head of Property, Alex Duke, talks location and why you’re in safe hands with us when it comes to securing the best possible location for your new store.  How does TRIB3 support its franchise partners to secure property? Finding the best possible location for a TRIB3 store is arguably the most important part of […]

Community cards

Be part of the #OneTRIB3 Movement

by Megha.Kamath • 23/03/2020

We have been inspired by the way communities across the globe have come together to support each other and those most in need during the current health crisis with COVID-19. That’s why we are proud to launch our #OneTRIB3 community group which invites our team, our TRIB3Rs and every one of you to join up […]

New studio in Madrid

by adminMNRQ • 09/03/2020

TRIB3, is set to open its third location in Madrid, with a brand-new franchised studio in Barrio de Salamanca as part of a major international expansion of the brand. The new studio, owned by new franchise partners Lorena Gimenez and Mario Minuesa, will be located in the heart of the bustling Barrio de Salamanca and […]