Take a seat, you’ve
earned it

With our freshly made shakes, you choose it when you come and grab it when you go.
Highly nutritious and divinely tasty, our onsite shake-bar aids muscle recovery and replenishes energy.

Shake it off

Replenishing never tasted so good.

Nine standard delicious shakes and the “Shake of the Month” that can be suggested by you.


With our workouts, you’ll work hard. Cool off and chill out with a low-calorie shake or with a fresh juice.


Burning hundreds of calories is a given when you smash a session with us. Maximise your recovery with a protein-packed shake.


Drink your meal. Our shakes are packed with protein and nutrients to replenish you throughout the day.

Every time we refuel, we have an
opportunity to treat our body.

Seize yours.

Bar & Lounge

Much more than a shake bar.

Every studio has a place for you to relax, unwind or socialise with fellow workout warriors. You’ll also find unmissable events happening here every month including our famous tribal gatherings.

Benefits & Ingredients

What’s in
the mix?

We’ve got the perfect recipe for your recovery. There are shakes for both pre and post workout, with flavours to suit all tastes. You can choose either plant-based or dairy-based protein and we’ll blend it up with juice or almond milk, nut-butters and fruit to make your perfect shake.


Because sweating like a legend deserves an epic recovery.

  • Nine standard delicious shakes
  • Shake of the Month
  • Complimentary fresh infused water
  • Custom bar and lounge
  • Free Wi-Fi and USB chargers

Welcome to the family!

Being part of TRIB3 makes you part of a global community of workout warriors. Find out more about what’s going on across the globe.

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