Experience the ultimate group workout.
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Studio concept

Experience the ultimate group workout in the heart of Sandyford.

The second TRIB3 studio in Ireland is located in Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford. Workout warriors of Dublin, who’s joining us in the SWEAT Zone? The ultimate group workout across three zones: Treadmills, Resistance and Intensity with heart rate tracking so you can see your results live!

Unforgettable experience

Where experience meets results. Get ready for a next-level group workout – with live tracking – where you’ll burn calories and build strength. And then get ready to fall in love with our signature industrial-luxe design. Photo opportunity anyone?

Relax and unwind

Visit our Mixology shake bar and lounge.

Connected workout

The latest kit and live performance tracking.

Onsite extras

Pampering hair and body care products.

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