Amplifying the experience
through music

You're half way through a TRIB3 class, back on the treadmill and starting to jog lightly, getting ready for the next high intensity work. The tempo of the music is slowly increasing and you can hear the music getting louder while the red lights begin to flash faster. Your favorite TRIB3 coach calls out that you're about to hit sprints in 15 seconds… you mentally start preparing yourself and start increasing your speed. Suddenly the beat drops and the music engulfs you, completely captivating you. You feel the endorphins running through your body as you hit 11 on the speed setting and go all out.

You're totally in the zone. The beats of the song blasting through the surround system seem to line up perfectly with each stride you take. Only 5 seconds into your sprint and your heart rate has climbed into the red zone. You keep yourself motivated by focusing on the rhythm of the music and driving your pace with the tempo. And just like that, the one minute sprint is over, faster than you expected. You're back in the SWEAT zone maintaining a sustainable intensity as you catch your breath while the tempo of the music starts to slow. You've decreased your speed to a jog, recovering from the push and leveling out your heart rate.

You turn to your right and shout over the music to the workout warrior next to you, a familiar face in your go-to Thursday evening class, “that was… incredible!¨

At TRIB3, we have built our own tempo framework designed to enhance the emotional and psychological connection during the TRIB3 workout. We want to offer our TRIB3Rs the most connected experience, with every single touch point perfectly linked together. From the sounds playing at the front of the house when you check in for your session, to the tunes in the changing room as you lace up your trainers. But most importantly, the playlists in the studio where our TRIB3Rs come to sweat together. Everything is meticulously planned to make sure our TRIB3Rs feel that emotional connection to the music every single time they step into a TRIB3 store.

Music increases motivation

So that's why our music sits at the heart of the workout, built with a specific tempo framework that changes depending on the programming and the movements being performed. We work with our TRIB3 DJ to create perfectly curated playlists, making sure each track takes our TRIB3Rs through a journey, starting from the warm up to the cool down. Our programmed lighting, aligned fully with the music, also accentuates the tempo and pace of the workout, creating a fully connected experience. Our coaches build out programming and movements based on the tempo framework for each playlist so they'll be able to motivate and guide our TRIB3Rs through each song and each round.

A low or medium tempo calls for more endurance based movements, such as progression inclines or a longer endurance push on the AirBikes, which form our Intensity Zone. We love to add in high tempo splashes, pushing your heart rate into the SWEAT Zone, where you'll be most efficiently collecting SWEAT Points, our proprietary measurement of effort level.

Music use during physical exercise enhances the psychological state, increasing people's enjoyment while exercising. Music boosts work output, making repetitive movements such as cycling or running more energy-efficient and enjoyable. The right playlist gets your endorphins pumping and helps pass the time (Lane, 2008, p.137).

The right music can drive performance

A study done at Stamford University found that when participants were able to listen to their preferred music, they were able to perform more explosive movements, resulting in a higher increase of repetitions. At TRIB3, we make sure to focus on building strength and increasing muscular endurance with medium tempo songs, which are usually 120-135 bpm. TRIB3Rs are able to feel their strength and stamina increase as they progress through their workout journey. They can also track their performance through our custom TRIB3 SWEAT app, which logs every TRIB3Rs' workout as long as they're connected to their SWEAT Band, which we highly recommend. 

It's no secret that music can make or break a workout. That's why it’s a fundamental part of how we design our experience. Music also helps connect people, strengthening the community of our workout warriors at each TRIB3 store.

TRIB3 is designed to be a highly sensory and unforgettable experience. This immersive approach keeps our TRIB3Rs engaged and delighted with every session. Be a part of the movement and deliver next-level experiences with us by owning your own TRIB3.


Lane, A. M. (2008). Sport and Exercise Psychology: topics in applied psychology (p. 137). London: Routledge.

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