Finish the year off strong

With the holidays right around the corner, we know it’s hard to find the motivation to keep up your training routine. Our Head of Product, Leigh Sanders, one of the founding employees of TRIB3 and our head coach, gives his guidance on how you can continue to focus on your health and keep smashing your workouts throughout the festive period.

Lose thestart in January attitude

With the year coming to an end, we often find ourselves struggling to stick to a routine. It’s colder outside, there’s less hours of sunlight, it’s harder to find that motivation to keep moving. People find it easier to say “I’ll just start my new fitness routine in January. New year, new me, new goals.” Yet that’s the exact mentality we want you to avoid. There’s no need to delay your wellbeing goals until after the new year when you can start tomorrow, or even today. Hold yourself accountable by booking your workouts ahead of time and finding a partner to workout with you to keep you on track. Whether it’s signing up for a workout at your local TRIB3 store, booking an online class on our at home platform, TRIB3 Live, or going for a walk outdoors with a friend, keep moving!

Physical exercise helps boost your immune system so why put off movement when you can make progress each day? The NHS recommends doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of high intensity activity a week by either participating in several short sessions of very high intensity activity or a mix of moderate, high and very high intensity activity. Exercise is so important in staying fighting fit while also playing a key role in your mental health. You’ll notice a difference in your overall mood and energy if you focus on yourself now versus putting it off until the next month. Trust us!

Track your workouts

It’s always exciting to see how many calories you’ve burned after working up a sweat. We recommend repeatedly tracking your workouts, whether it’s with your own personal device or the SWEAT BAND 1.0, our custom heart rate monitor. By tracking your workouts, you’re able to visualise the hard work you’ve put in during each session and it helps keep your motivation levels high. It also helps you track your progress throughout the week or the month and keep you focused. Plus, who doesn’t love sharing calories burned after a workout or steps after a long walk on social media! You’ll be inspiring your friends and family to continue staying active too!

You can also gamify your workouts with your friends, encouraging more people to stay active with you. Participating in healthy challenges helps you hold each other accountable while making workouts even more fun. A recent study of 200 adults and 95 families which gamified physical activity, found that the group that tracked their step counts daily, while earning points and progress through different levels, had significantly greater physical activity during the 12 week period.

So get a group of friends and family involved, start tracking your workouts and set some measurable goals!

Set SMART goals

Whether you are a power walker or a HIIT lover, SMART goals will really help you stay focused throughout the festive period. SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. By working towards a goal with a framework that’s planned, clear, and trackable you are much more likely to reach it, plus you will feel rewarded afterwards with your hard work.

Regardless of what workouts you choose throughout these next few weeks, just stay active. You’ll thank yourself once you get to the end of year and look back on all the progress and self-discipline you had throughout the festive period. Now that’s a great way to start off a new year!

About Leigh

Leigh Sanders was the first employee at our first store, TRIB3 Sheffield, which opened over four years ago. Our original coach, he led the first HIIT workouts with our unique TRI training system and now delivers exceptional training to all our current coaches. He is now our Head of Product, focusing on developing our next-level workout experience and enhancing every part of the customer journey at TRIB3.


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