We’ve made important changes to protect you and the next-level experience that you know and love. That means there will be no gatherings for now and we’ll be giving you a lot more space in the workout itself – but we’ll only be doing physical distancing, not social distancing – we are always a family. Stronger now than ever before.

Keeping it clean.

We’ve always had a really robust approach to hygiene to make sure the studio, and every area of the store, is clean and clear for you; we’ve enhanced and added to these measures including adding some extra time slots for deep cleaning of the studio between each session.

Sanitiser and wipes

Available throughout the store.

Shoe cleaning spray

Available at the studio entrance.

Individual kit sanitiser

Collect at reception.

We’ve added extra time between sessions.
Sweat hard, clean well, repeat.

Keeping it clear.

We’ve made the necessary changes to create a safe environment. All team members will be wearing appropriate protective equipment and have received extensive training to guide you through these changes.

Saying hello

We’ve introduced a new TRIB3 greeting with no physical contact. It’s the new high five!

Protective screens

So we can still welcome you face to face, we’ve added protective screens to reception and Mixology.

Floor markings

Floor markings help you remain physically distanced throughout the store.

Getting changed

The changing rooms will be open but at a reduced capacity so if you can shower and change at home please try to.

Storing your stuff

Lockers will be available but with the changing rooms at reduced capacity try to bring as few personal belongings with you as you can.

Miyxology takeaway

On your way out, you can still refuel with your favourite shake. Mixology Takeaway is open for business.

Keeping it great.

A new studio layout is in place to allow for more space around you as well as carefully adjusted programming. We’ve adapted sessions to make sure we’re physical distancing while delivering next-level intensity and outstanding results.

Booking and cancellation

As you’ll need to book in advance you can amend your session booking up to six hours before your scheduled session.

Fewer spots per session

We need to allow for more space between you and your fellow workout warriors so there will be 16 individual training lanes available.

Booking for a bubble

If you are booking for a household or a bubble you can share lanes. Call us in store and we’ll do the rest.

Protective dividers

In our Treadmill and Intensity zones, there are protective screens between equipment so you can smash your sprints, safely.

Adjusted exercises

You’ll still pound the treadmill and get a full-body burn on the Air Bikes, but there will be some new adapted movements in Resistance for you to try out. Trust us, results are guaranteed.


If you need to rent a heart rate monitor, dependent on availability, you’ll need to purchase your own strap. Or you can buy the new SWEAT BAND 1.0 (if you haven’t snapped it up already!)

Some important changes to your workout and your timetable. Next-level results, always.

TRIB3 Live

We’ve got you covered when you
can’t make it down to the studio.

For the times when you can’t make it to the studio or are working from home, you can join us on TRIB3 Live, our next-level at-home workout platform. Coach-led virtual workouts; minimal space and no equipment needed – it’s the perfect complement to your studio sessions.

Check out TRIB3 Live

What can you do to help?

To help us plan for the right studio capacity, booking is now mandatory.

If you wish to wear specific PPE please do bring it with you. We will have spare gloves if you need them and will have reusable masks available to buy.

Our changing rooms and showers will be available but at restricted capacity and you will need to bring a towel and flip flops with you if you wish to shower. If you are able to shower and change at home this would really help.

If you have your own heart rate monitor, please bring it with you. Otherwise, we can rent you the monitor, based on availability, but you’ll need to buy your own strap.

Listen to your coach on entering and exiting the studio and follow the floor markings around the store. Look out for your fellow TRIB3Rs.

No gatherings for now and you’ll have to enjoy your favourite shake as ‘grab and go’ – just remember we don’t do social distance, just physical distance. We are still a community – stronger now than ever before.

News and updates from the family.

Do you have any questions? Visit our FAQ.



Time to level up.

First rule of 2021: we don’t talk about 2020. Come and feel the burn with us and get ready for the new year. Workout, level up.