Meet Hannah;
our new franchise partner

Hannah Cann is one of the newest franchise partners to join the TRIB3 family. She will be bringing the TRIB3 experience to Kent in Southeast England -her hometown and where she now lives with her young daughter. Already experienced in franchising, having started her first franchise five years ago, she’s excited to start a new chapter with her second business as part of the booming boutique fitness industry.

Hear directly from Hannah about her background and how she came to join TRIB3.

What did you do before franchising and what prompted you to make the change?

I used to work in the police force as I obtained my degree in Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation. When I left university, I went to work for the police in the administration department. I worked there for over five years before I started my first franchise. I felt like I’d had enough of that ‘nine to five’ feeling of being stuck in an office job and I was really looking forward to having flexibility and control over what hours I worked. Last year, my mum sadly passed away unexpectedly leaving me with some inheritance money which made me start looking for another franchise to invest in and that’s when TRIB3 popped up.

Why did you decide to go down the franchise route?

For me, it’s the network of support and experience that you are given by partnering with a franchisor. I know other people who have started their businesses completely from scratch and it’s so hard because unless you are qualified and experienced in every area, it’s very difficult to establish a really good business. I was drawn to franchising because I knew that there would be that level of support in sales and marketing, and some of the operational aspects that I felt less experienced in. . It’s great because you’re following a model that’s already tried and tested.

What drew you to TRIB3?

I was already looking for fitness franchises because the sector really interests me and when I saw TRIB3 listed, I was instantly drawn by the boutique feel just from seeing the photos and how the studios looked. In Kent, where I live, there is nothing like the concept in the area. Group exercise and HIIT classes are really popular already but there is nothing like TRIB3 here. Straight away I thought to myself that I would want to be going to these types of workouts and that I knew so many people who would want too as well. I recognised that there was a great opportunity. I know the area and the people here well so I knew it would be great fit. I’m excited to bring TRIB3 to my hometown. Also, I love fitness but I don’t have any qualifications or come from a fitness background, it’s always just been a personal hobby of mine. That’s why I was looking down the route of a fitness franchise, now that I have this money to investment. I have the opportunity to have my own franchise that fits more with what I actually like doing and could really see myself loving.

What did you like most about the TRIB3 opportunity?

I would say there were two things: the support and the flexible options available. I found that from the initial calls I had with various members of the team, everyone came across as genuine. They knew what they were talking about and it just felt like I was chatting with friends. I found it really reassuring that these people genuinely do care, so I valued the opportunity with that kind of family support feel. The fact that there’s also different models available was great as I didn’t feel pushed into needing to spend all this money, as some franchisors ask for a lot of money up front. I liked the flexibility of the different sizes of store options and was able to find the right fit for me; it felt like a good amount to invest that I felt comfortable with.

What does/will owning your own TRIB3 store mean to you and your family?

One thing is the continued flexibility and financial security, to have a steady source of income, but a big thing about it is in memory of my mum. She was 57 when she passed - life is short and she would have wanted to see me doing something that I enjoy. It will always be a memory of her so as the business grows and as my daughter grows older, it’s a way of us all remembering her. So, for me, it`s knowing that the money she gave me was well invested.

Any standout moments so far?

I signed my franchise agreement on International Women’s Day which was a great statement for me, being a female business owner, as I’m passionate about encouraging more women to become business owners and join the franchising world. I have a young daughter and I would like to her grow up with the attitude that she can go on and own businesses and do whatever she wants. So, it stood out to me as a milestone that I now have two businesses under my name and that that happened on an important day.

Would you recommend franchising to others?

People should try franchising if you have a passion and are prepared to work hard. There’s a lot of stereotypes about franchising such as “Why do you want own a franchise, you know you have to give loads of money and you’re restricted” but I think that if you really do your research and find a good franchise, you don’t look at it that way. The support I’ve already experienced with TRIB3, such as the property support and searching that Alex and Dimos [Head of Property and Head of Franchise Operations at TRIB3] are helping me with and the weekly check in calls are so helpful. And it’s only been the first two months! So definitely choose a good franchise that gives you a lot of support and it will make a big difference to your franchising experience.

Any other advice for aspiring franchisees?

Make sure to do a lot of research because you want to feel comfortable with the decision you’re making and you want it to be a sensible one. I still believe that you have to listen to your gut. Sometimes you just get a feeling, like I did with TRIB3. After I did my research and had a few calls with the team, I knew it felt right and it was like my mum telling me to just go for it. Obviously, you have to be practical and do your research but trust your instincts. When I left being employed and started my first franchise, it was a big leap but I knew I could do it – you just have to be brave, work hard and put the effort in. Also constantly keep learning, I’ve learned so much over these last five years in franchising and now I’m learning new things already with TRIB3 and am enjoying it so much.

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