Meet George Grayson,
Head of TRIB3 Live

Our coaching team is a huge part of what makes TRIB3 so special. Hear from George Grayson, one of the original TRIB3 coaches and Head of TRIB3 Live, our virtual workout platform, on his journey with TRIB3 and his vision for the future.

How long have you been with TRIB3?

Since the beginning, I was one of the founding coaches at Sheffield. I also helped with the expansion in Finland by training their coaches ahead of them opening their doors. It's been so great to be a part of this company’s tremendous growth and now as Head of TRIB3 Live, it´s an exciting opportunity to bring the TRIB3 experience directly into people’s homes.

During the first lockdown, you were hosting workouts through Instagram Live. How has the transition been into TRIB3 Live with the second lockdown?

It has been a pretty seamless transition for me and the team as many of us were already very familiar with teaching workouts in front of a camera but now, with TRIB3 Live, we have even more features that enhance the experience. In a TRIB3 Live workout, you can see the coach's SWEAT summary and also engage with the participants through the chat function, really giving the platform a community feel. Soon we will be implementing a leaderboard function which will help motivate our TRIB3Rs even more as it’s always fun to see how many SWEAT Points you’re earning in comparison to your fellow workout warriors. Most recently we ran a Steel Week challenge, encouraging our TRIB3Rs to share their SWEAT Points summary after each workout. We also will be adding in a poll function at the end of the workout so TRIB3Rs can choose by majority vote what type of finisher they would like. The team and I are constantly brainstorming ways to keep delivering next-level workouts to TRIB3Rs’ homes and creating fully connected experiences, regardless of where you are training.

What is the day to day at TRIB3 Live like?

We are learning a lot and evolving what we do, as this is not like a traditional ‘physical’ studio so every day is a bit different. We are trying to fine tune each aspect of the live and on - demand programming, making sure all the classes are different and that the set up is as seamless as possible. I spend a lot of my time recruiting and training new coaches as we want to make sure we find people who are the best fit for TRIB3 Live and can really motivate our audience. I also set up corporate partnerships to help expand our reach and, when we’re not on lockdown, I still teach studio classes at Sheffield. Our coaches come and go throughout the day, filming live classes and then they stay after to record on demand content or additional content for our Instagram as we’re always trying to keep this fresh.

What type of coaches do you look for?

We look for people who are comfortable being in front of the camera but also have the stamina to talk and workout at the same time, as our coaches are doing the workout live with our TRIB3Rs. This requires coaches to have great cardiovascular health in addition to a strong presence on screen. We have four screens set up in the studio so coaches have to be able to handle a lot of responsibilities at once. Coaches need to be able to maintain eye contact with TRIB3Rs by looking into the camera, while also making sure that they are in the right position to show the exercises and movements correctly, as well as interacting with the chat and performance measures like SWEAT Zone and SWEAT Points. It’s a real skill to talk, instruct and lead a workout all at the same time when on camera so the coaches need to be up for the challenge. Generally, after three weeks of intensive training, the coaches are ready to go live. 

What is your favorite part of TRIB3 Live?

I really like finding new coaches and training them. It’s rewarding to see their progress over their first three weeks and setting them up for success. My favorite class to teach is Resistance -  soon we will be introducing resistance bands to the workouts which is an exciting progression of the offering. It’s great that we are able to give TRIB3Rs several options on types of workout, especially when people don’t have equipment at home. However, we do have a partnership with BLK BOX so TRIB3Rs can order dumbbells and other equipment if they want to participate in the resistance workouts.

It's been exciting to be a part of a platform that is helping keep our TRIB3Rs engaged wherever they are. Lockdown has been able to help showcase TRIB3 Live to those who wouldn’t have normally joined or those who’ve only engaged in the studio so now we’ve also been able to demonstrate how home workouts really complement existing training routines. We’ve also seen a big increase in usage, about 350%, so we have been able to build the community up really quickly which is extremely rewarding. It's been a great mix of TRIB3Rs from our existing stores and also new TRIB3Rs, who are experiencing our workouts for the first time. 

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