Not for the faint hearted,
but the brave hearted.

Take on the coveted 7 x 7 Steel Week Challenge.

Staying physically active is so key to a healthy lifestyle and being fighting fit but the hustle of the holiday season, combined with busy work and home schedules, can make it difficult to stay motivated with those winter fitness goals. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered - it’s time to take on the Steel Week challenge and complete seven workouts in seven days.

Steel Week, coined after our flagship store in Steel city, Sheffield, is our most iconic fitness challenge allowing you to maximise your calorie burn with themed High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts across one week. The programming focuses on targeting individual areas in your body with a week long schedule designed to alternate the muscle focus and give you a balanced workout with more recovery time.

Check out our schedule for our upcoming challenge next week!

Steel Week (9th December - 15th December)

Day 1 - Core

Day 2 - Legs & Glutes

Day 3 - Arms, Shoulders & Core

Day 4 - Back & Hamstrings

Day 5 - Chest & Quadriceps

Day 6 - Functional

Day 7 - SWEAT (1-HR)

With each 45-minute workout, we encourage our TRIB3Rs where possible, to aim for 80% – 92% of their maximum heart rate, otherwise known as the SWEAT Zone. Spending more time in the higher heart-rate zones, allows you to improve your aerobic capacity and maximise your calorie burn. You can expect to burn upto 1,000 calories with each workout training across Treadmills, Resistance and Intensity.

It may sound a bit daunting - and it is designed to be a challenge of endurance and motivation - but there’s nothing like finishing your first Steel Week. We don’t know anyone in our TRIB3 family who didn’t sign up again after that epic first achievement! Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Hear more from our awesome community.

I fell in love with HIIT training after completing my first ever Steel Week. The challenge can be intense to start with but is so rewarding as you keep pushing yourself each day. Just the dose of motivation you need to stay fit during the holidays! - Chloe

The perfect fitness challenge to try with your friends! I did my first Steel Week in 2018 with 3 weeks left until my best friend’s wedding. The post-workout feeling is what kept us going and motivated us to eat clean for all our efforts in the studio! We’ve completed 4 Steel Week challenges together to date! -Bella

The vibe at the studio at TRIB3 is just something else during a Steel Week from the different workouts to the pumping playlist to the friendly coaches. I used to struggle keeping my training consistent but I feel more energised to train with the TRIB3 community. - Mike

I have so much more energy after each workout, it makes me look forward to the next one. - Greg

I love that there is a different focus area each day, keeps it interesting for me. By the end of the week you’ve literally worked every part of your body which feels amazing. - Stacey

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