Wearing it with pride:
The importance of brand retail

Clothes are not just about looking good, they’re about feeling good. Consumers choose apparel from brands they trust, respect and feel proud to wear. They show their brand advocacy by literally wearing the brand on their person from very subtle logos to bold, eye-catching slogans. Suddenly you’re a walking advert for the brand – wearing it in front of family and friends, strangers on the street as they walk by, and now even on zoom meetings as well.

Over the last few years, there’s been a steady rise in expenditure on clothing. It’s a massive industry with UK households buying approximately £59.3 billion worth of clothing in 2019 alone. Consumers are targeted with the latest fashion across multiple touchpoints. You walk past a shoe store, see a window display showing off their latest collection which has just launched, and you start thinking about how you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes. You have a quick look online at prices. Later when you open up Instagram, you start to see your sponsored posts are all about trainers. With the direct integration of shopping functionality into social media, and smart, programmatic retargeting options for brands, the internet is a virtual and endless shop window. So, when a consumer makes the choice to wear your apparel, that’s a statement.

Great brands deliver exceptional experiences and evoke emotions from their consumers. A study published in 2017 by Capgemini found that when consumers feel emotionally engaged and loyal to a brand, they’re more likely to spend more. Throughout the years at TRIB3 we’ve continuously scored +60 in our NPS scores. We make sure each store focuses on growing their community by building brand loyalty through delivering world class experiences.

We wanted to bring our brand outside the walls of our stores and make sure our TRIB3Rs can wear it with pride. When designing our three unique collections, our goal was for our TRIB3Rs to feel stylish, empowered and confident in garments that are functional and feel good. Each collection is designed to bring a signature TRIB3 feel to any outfit, from street to studio.

The Classics

Our iconic line launched when we opened our very first store in Sheffield. The Classics collection is for people who want to wear TRIB3 with pride with our iconic slogans, unmissable branding, and ultra-flattering design. We revamped the collection recently, selecting only cotton based fabrics and manufacturing all items in the UK. The range of tops, cosy hoodies and vests are for TRIB3Rs who want to make a statement and be seen rocking our brand. One of our top selling vests proudly says “One Life. One Body. One TRIB3” a slogan that was concepted right at the start and still means so much to our TRIB3Rs today.

We Sweat Together

Our exclusive line designed for performance. We Sweat Together is our signature brand tagline representing how our workout warriors work together and achieve together through each and every workout. This collection was launched in 2020 to bring our TRIB3Rs next-level workout apparel, including high waisted leggings and supportive sports bras in premium, form-fitting fabrics.

The material is extremely soft, lightweight and made partly out of spandex so our TRIB3Rs can sprint on the treadmills or hit the AirBikes hard without feeling weighed down. For TRIB3Rs wanting a comfy but cool ‘street to studio’ look, the range carries a berry red hoodie and black zip-up jacket which is perfect for throwing on after a workout.


Our Journey collection is all about empowerment. One of the elements that makes TRIB3 so unique is how our community always celebrates reaching unforgettable milestones. Throughout the TRIB3 Workout Journey, there’s seven key milestones after your first session, what we call ´hitting the wall’. After 50 workouts you’re a Warrior, brave enough to keep pushing yourself and your limits. Our biggest milestone is reaching Legend, completing 1000 workouts. We’ve designed vests and t-shirts for each milestone, carrying the signature icon for each level, so our community can wear their achievements with pride..

With these three ranges, we’ve got all the essentials to keep our TRIB3Rs dressed to impress, wherever they are. The collections are refreshed and added to seasonally, although firm favourites and best-sellers are always available. We also design seasonal accessories and create special edition items for charity events where proceeds go to supporting local community initiatives. The TRIB3 retail collection sits on a custom designed retail unit within the store, showcasing the lines and creating great ancillary revenue opportunities for our franchisees. Franchisees have our support to choose which items will be right for their store and we’ll work with them to set up their in-store retail unit to maximise visibility. It’s all about letting your community wear the brand with pride and show the world they’re part of TRIB3.

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