Our eight principles to keeping the TRIB3 workout varied every time

Programmed to be one of the most intensive yet inclusive workouts in the world, at TRIB3 we consistently deliver varied workout experiences, keeping our TRIB3Rs coming back time and time again. The key to keeping our signature 45-minute HIIT sessions varied lies in our programming which based on eight core principles. The music, playlist timings, exercises, exercise duration, training methods, events, equipment and coaches keep our sessions fresh so that no TRIB3 workout is ever the same.


We work with our TRIB3 DJ to create signature playlists, releasing next-level albums every two months so that each studio always has over 40 different and new playlists to choose from. Music is proven to increase people’s enjoyment and motivation during a workout. We´ve also selected low, medium and high tempo tracks, carefully curated based on the time of the workout, so that you’ll experience a lift in energy during high-tempo sections where you’re going all out. Also, whenever we’re running special events, such as The BEAST, our signature 90-minute ‘back-to-back' workout, we drop a new playlist to enhance the experience and get our TRIB3Rs excited and in the zone.

Playlist Timings

The TRIB3 Workout has 11 different playlist timings consisting of two, three and four round options so the amount of times a TRIB3R will be moving through the stations is varied each day. We’ve also created a formula to ensure that a class structure will not repeat for another 12 weeks after it has run, so even if you have TRIB3Rs coming in once a week or every single day, the workouts are still fresh and new, so they’ll have something to look forward to each class.


Burpees, star jumps, and lunge jumps can get really repetitive – we strive to stay at the forefront of programming to deliver next-level results without defaulting to the same exercises all the time. We have a library full of hundreds of exercise videos providing a framework and inspiration for our coaches to deliver great workouts and keep their programming fresh. Our TRIB3Rs will work their body from head to toe, either using body-weight or weighted exercises, from moves focusing on form to more challenging moves, such as pike push-ups.

Exercise duration

As one minute for each exercise can be repetitive and tiring, we are always combining two or more moves in intervals to make the exercises more unpredictable and engaging. We also synchronise the intervals on the Treadmills and AirBikes so everyone in these zones is working together for all out efforts which really heightens the energy and endorphin levels throughout the class.

Training methods

There are so many training methods available to leverage that can level up the sessions and keep TRIB3Rs on their toes. AMRAPs, Builders, EMOMs, Accumulators, to name a few, help make exercises more challenging so that TRIB3Rs can really feel the burn.


We are well-known for our Iconic Events and 'Level up Classes’, as they maximise in the in-studio experience and really bring the community together. It’s an opportunity for our community to socialise and network with fellow workout warriors. Due to the current climate, there are no gatherings for now but we’re still running themed programming with custom playlists for topical days or events, such as our Strength workout, which uses Resistance training methods to build time under tension, or our Stamina workout, challenging TRIB3Rs’ endurance with longer bouts of continuous effort.


We deliberately use a multi-function deck allowing us to switch from flat, incline, upright or drop to a lower level to quickly maximise the possibilities. Dumbbells are used to lift, push, press and flow in all planes of movement so it’s never a one-dimensional workout experience.


Every store has an amazing team of coaches from various backgrounds bringing their own energy, personality and style. Diversity and courage are two of our key brand values, so we look for coaches who are not afraid to express themselves, add their own twist to the workout and be themselves, which really drives a connection between the TRIB3Rs and coaches. We also have an in-house training academy where we deliver ongoing education and training for our coaches to ensure they can always deliver to the next level.

Leveraging these eight principles allows us to ensure that the possibilities are infinite for our workout experience so that each and every TRIB3R is excited to walk through our doors and join us in the SWEAT Zone.

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