TRIB3 is coming to Barcelona

TRIB3 coming to Barcelona

Already in six international territories, we are delighted to announce that we are continuing to grow our network in Spain with two further stores in Barcelona due to open in summer 2021. The two new sites will accompany our existing three stores in Madrid – Basilica, Cuzco and Goya.

TRIB3 first came to Spain in late 2018 with the first of the three Madrid locations, TRIB3 Cuzco, opening in the business district in January 2019. Since then, a further corporately owned location, Basilica, was opened in Q2 2019 followed by a first franchised location in the city when TRIB3 Goya opened its doors in Q3 2020 under the ownership and management of franchisees Lorena Gimenez and Mario Minuesa.

Kevin Yates, our CEO and founder, says: “Spain is such an important market for us - we’ve seen significant brand growth in the region as a result of our three stores in Madrid so I am very excited to see how this will elevate even further as we open two new locations in Barcelona in the coming months. I’ve been really encouraged to hear the narrative from key government officials in Spain regarding the essentialness of fitness providers in keeping people physically active and to see the work being done to show how safe our facilities are, so I am really proud to be able to open more stores in the country and keep growing our community.

This is one of several upcoming announcements regarding new territories and locations joining the TRIB3 global network – we’re genuinely delighted to be welcoming many new franchise partners onboard as we know that franchising is a really fast and effective way to continue growing the industry and we’re able to support people to own their own business and join the sector.”

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