International Expansion – the TRIB3 way 

TRIB3 Studio new opening

TRIB3 announces its entry into a new market with the debut of its first TRIB3 studio in Panama, bringing its presence to eight countries by 2025.

We are delighted to announce that Mariam Perez, Executive Director of the RPM Group, signed two Franchise agreements in May and is set to open the first TRIB3 and PILAT3S studios in Panama in Q4 2024. Mariam’s journey to acquire a couple of TRIB3 franchises is a perfect example of how the fitness franchise brand is growing organically. Mariam was first introduced to TRIB3 in Madrid and fell in love with the HIIT workout. When the opportunity arose, she introduced it to her family – who shared her enthusiasm for this highly inclusive yet challenging workout. Being a young entrepreneur, it did not take long for Mariam to start dreaming of bringing TRIB3 to Panama.

TRIB3´s Executive Chairman, Jonathan Fisher, confirmed that “TRIB3´s growth is largely organic at this point, coming from existing franchise partners opening second and third studios, through word-of-mouth referrals, and people who do the TRIB3 workout, fall in love with it and want to open a studio in their home city or country.”

Mariam has already secured her location for the TRIB3 business in Costa del Este, within the prestigious Times Square Centre Building. The location will also feature a PILAT3S studio – TRIB3’s second boutique concept offering dynamic reformer workouts.  

TRIB3’s Chief Operations Officer, Matteo Cerruti, shares: “We are thrilled to be partnering with an entrepreneur like Mariam to open a TRIB3 and PILAT3S in Panama City.  We launched PILAT3S while Mariam was doing her due diligence on TRIB3, and she immediately recognised the synergies of opening both a TRIB3 and PILAT3S in the same location. Our market research indicates that our target demographic/psychographic increasingly views HIIT and PILAT3S as a desirable combination for their exercise regime. 

This news follows the recent announcement of the opening of the first PILAT3S studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands and second in Porto, Portugal.

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