TRIB3 launches its second concept – PILAT3S

PILAT3S – a premium Dynamic Reformer Pilates

A premium Dynamic Reformer Pilates brand managed and supported by its boutique HIIT franchise operations.

PILAT3S is designed to maximise the enjoyment and benefits of traditional Pilates through dynamic movement. Featuring three dynamic 50-minute classes – Tone, Align and Power – the concept will debut its first ‘boutique-in-gym’ (B.I.G.) in the Netherlands, followed by studios opening in Spain, Portugal and the UAE in 2024.

PILAT3S will debut as a ‘boutique-in-gym’ in Clubsportive, a premium brand under the Urban Gym Group. Jonathan Fisher, Executive Chairman at TRIB3, shares: “Urban Gym Group has been at the forefront of bringing new and innovative concepts to the Netherlands health and fitness sector. It is a great honour to be launching PILAT3S in Clubsportive, which is undoubtedly a reference point for the quality health club experience in Amsterdam. We look forward to supporting this dynamic and fast-growing group with our scalable boutique offerings.”

PILAT3S, much like TRIB3, offers a streamlined and scalable B.I.G. implementation, offering a competitive edge and differentiation against other big-box offerings. Matteo Cerruti, COO at TRIB3 explains: “TRIB3’s tech is key to its success – not only making the product accessible, but it also contributes to that immersive studio experience. We’ve taken our tech ecosystem, everything from lighting, programming and music and moulded it in a way that would complement PILAT3S. Our goal is to maximise the enjoyment and benefits of Pilates by giving it the TRIB3 treatment and making it scalable”.

As Clubsportive gear up for their opening on the 3rd of June, June Sier, Director at Urban Gym Group shares: “We are very proud to be PILAT3S’ launch partner and we are confident that once our members experience the product, it will become an integral part of their exercise regime regardless of their fitness level and background. The PILAT3S product is created to remove previous barriers and stereotypes surrounding Reformer Pilates. With a commitment to offering our members the products and services they need to improve their overall well-being and health, PILAT3S is a perfect match.”

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