10 ways we help you maximise your franchise journey

Starting a new business venture can sometimes seem daunting but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here at TRIB3, we have a dedicated franchise support team to help you set up your TRIB3 store seamlessly and achieve great results, quickly.

1. Secure ideal location

We’ve said it lots and we’ll say it again, location is everything. Our property search team secures the best location for you that matches all of our brand’s key demographics. 

2. Negotiate and achieve best lease agreement

Our experienced team helps you secure the best possible rent agreement which supports your store’s ongoing profits.

3. Complete legals and documentation

Statutory and infrastructure requirements are long processes with many requirements. With our support on the documentation and our understanding of the legal process, this process can move really fast, saving cost and time.

4. Business plan, budgets and reporting

With our financial support and guidance, you have the best opportunity to achieve operational targets that will secure a fast breakeven and drive operating profits. Our accountancy package is a must to manage your finances, fuss free.

5. Fit out management

We have highly experienced construction teams well versed in the unique, luxe TRIB3 fit out, following layouts and designs created by our Head of Design specifically for your store location. This allows for a seamless build.

6. Equipment and supplies orders

Due to our organisational buying power, preferential rates have been negotiated with all our suppliers. Prices are revisited on a yearly basis to ensure you and all our franchise partners get the best value. Our team supports on exactly when each order should take place to keep your fit out perfectly on track.

7. Recruit ideal candidates for all positions

Our business model centres around putting the customer at the heart of everything we do so it’s important your store has the right people to lead the charge. Our Experience team will support you in identifying the best team members to take your store to the next level.

8. Team training

With our TRIB3connect system and dedicated Next Level Processes which form our operating manual, there’s robust training for each and every role and function so all team members are prepped and ready to drive amazing performance for you and your store.

9. Pre-sell and marketing

Our experienced brand and marketing team will work with you, leveraging our proven pre-sell toolkit and planning frameworks, to design a multi-channel pre-sell campaign that helps you build local brand awareness and drive lead generation for your new store ahead of your grand opening.

10. Store opening event

The day your store opens is designed to be an unforgettable event that draws in the crowds and builds excitement in your new community. You receive full guidance from our team on how to set up your store on day one and how to maximise your founder packs and offers to get off to the best possible start. 

Ready to start your own TRIB3? Come join us

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