Designing the experience

The consumer appeal of TRIB3 lies in our highly curated brand and design which permeates every customer touchpoint.

Meet Ana, TRIB3´s Head of Design, who brings to life future TRIB3 stores through beautiful bespoke designs. She's originally from Spain with a background in interior design for luxury residential properties before transitioning to designing a whole raft of different spaces including student accomodations, co-living spaces and breweries, across various industries all throughout Europe. She works alongside Alex Duke, Head of Property, and our dedicated Franchise team. Once Alex and his team find a property location that matches a franchise partner’s needs, the magic begins.

To build the design, Ana analyses the location of the future TRIB3 store, the structure and layout of the building, and the demographic of the area. Depending on the type of consumers nearby, the size available, and the investment level, TRIB3 offers three different models that can be customised. Ana designs the entire inside of the store, from the layout of the workout studio, creating a space that can accomodate +42 spots-per-session, to the intricate design of the reception and mixology bar plus all the finishing touches including signage and our signature lighting.

Are you looking to start your TRIB3 in a more residential area? We will show you exactly how you´ll be able to offer the same workout experience just with a streamlined space featuring custom lockers and a small changing and restroom area.

If your property has a larger square footage and a mixed demographic of corporate and residential footfall, Ana will design you the most spacious store to the specifications of your location so you can visualise exactly how your lounge area will look when TRIB3Rs come to socialise and unwind as well as workout.

We pride ourselves on our luxe, industrial design and sensory studio spaces, creating open beautiful environments that foster a sense of community and motivate people to take their fitness to the next level. Design has always been one of the most important aspects of our brand, no matter where our stores are located, you´ll feel the TRIB3 vibe the second you walk in.

We create custom 3D designs which enable franchise partners to visualise their very own TRIB3 store before it's even built. Our team is here to help make your franchise journey go as smoothly as possible and we know from experience that seeing your store come to life in 3D is one of the most exciting parts.

Curious to see what your TRIB3 store will look like? Book a call with our team today.

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