Behind the scenes:
A day at a TRIB3 store

Although this past year has been far from ordinary, a typical day at any TRIB3 store is all about delivering next-level experiences to each customer that walks through the door. Throughout the day, stores typically run 10 sessions so that TRIB3Rs have the flexibility to choose the perfect timeslot for them and our teams do a range of things from experience to outreach and everything in between. So, what does a typical day in a TRIB3 store look like?

Doors open 30 minutes to 45 minutes before the first session of the day, allowing plenty of time for our team to make sure everything is on-point for our early morning TRIB3Rs. The studio needs to be workout-ready with clean towels rolled and ready, equipment waiting at each station and the playlist and lightshow teed up for the start of the session. There’s a small window between each workout to ensure we can complete a robust cleaning of the studio and while our workout warriors are hitting that SWEAT Zone inside the studio, our onsite Experience team is getting a selection of handmade protein shakes ready, across a variety of blends and flavours. These shakes are ready and waiting when the studio doors open at the close of the session.

During the first longer break, generally between 10:30am and 12pm, the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager and our clean team will make sure everything is prepared for the afternoon sessions. Even at 33% studio capacity as a result of covid distancing measures, our stores were reaching 100% occupancy during sessions, meaning more than 60 TRIB3Rs were going through the store in the morning so we take hygiene very seriously, making sure the store is clean and clear. Once the studio and changing rooms are back to their best, we begin the outreach for the day.

We welcome first-timers throughout the day, making sure they know what to expect and giving them an induction to the workout and setting them up with our heart rate monitor, the SWEAT BAND 1.0. We also always aim to call our first-timers ahead of their booked session so they turn up ready and raring to go. Between peak times we follow up with anyone who has missed their session to see if we can help and get them rebooked. We’ll also make sure any referrals – and there’s generally a lot because of how close-knit our community is – are set up in the system and booked in for a next-level workout. And of course, we’re always on hand for walk-ins and visits from our community – although any sessions have to be booked in advance to make sure we’re keeping a close eye on capacity and keeping our workout warriors safe!

Around 12pm, we’ll generally offer two lunchtime sessions as TRIB3Rs working nearby like to pop in on their break and get a quick but effective workout in, as our workouts are only 45 minutes and you can burn up to 1,000 calories in a single session so they’re perfect for those on the go. Our second break is a bit longer than the morning one and we use this time to do a deep clean of the studio, make sure we’re stocked up and that everything is looking (and smelling!) absolutely amazing. TRIB3 is a highly sensory experience so making sure our signature scented candles are burning and having the right chilled out tunes playing in the mixology bar area are just some of the things we keep an eye on during the day.

Afternoons are for reengaging anyone we might not have seen for a while – following up with people who’ve not booked recently to get them back on track – and creating new business opportunities. Whether that’s local businesses, universities or sports teams, we look to build on or develop new brand partnerships to keep growing our community. TRIB3 is all about bringing people together through next-level workout experiences.

We close the store half an hour to an hour after the final session ends, making sure the studio and changing room are deep cleaned while our TRIB3Rs head home. We wrap up today and get everything ready for an amazing tomorrow!

While there’s a tried and tested formula for delivering a great schedule, next-level workouts and an amazing in-store experience, our store teams would tell you that no two days are the same at TRIB3 because of how special each and every store’s community is. You’ll be celebrating different milestones from hitting the wall to Legend; you’ll be running Fizzy Fridays (for now with prosecco to go!); you’ll be supporting a TRIB3R who might not be feeling motivated or finishing a Steel Week alongside of your workout warriors. It’s a global family.

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