Behind the Scenes – Launching a TRIB3 B.I.G (Boutique in Gym)

Launching a TRIB3 B.I.G (Boutique in Gym) 

TRIB3 recently launched its first “Boutique in Gym” in Amsterdam, and we sat down with Leah Duke, TRIB3’s Regional Operations Manager to get a behind-the-scenes scoop.  

Leah brings a wealth of industry experience from her background in professional sport, coaching, product delivery and from having also played a role in the launch of a boutique group training concept within the David Lloyd chain. Now, alongside the Urban Gym Group (UGG), Leah and the team are gearing up for the second TRIB3 B.I.G, set to open its studio doors in the Haarlem TrainMore this October.

What is B.I.G?

A signature TRIB3 studio operates through our TRI Training System: Treadmills, Resistance and Intensity, combined with live heart rate tracking, the science-backed HIIT workouts ensure results for everyone, at every level. A B.I.G in essence, takes the signature TRIB3 studio and places it in another gym space, like that of TrainMore.

What do you think it is about TRIB3 that is attracting operators like UGG to do a B.I.G?

The inclusivity of our product is what sets us apart from other boutique fitness concepts. TRIB3’s mission is to build a global fitness community where anyone can belong – a space where every workout counts. Our brand’s Journey is founded on this notion – that every workout is worth celebrating, so a first-timer will celebrate their first session with ‘hitting the wall’ and then – well, it’s up to them what Journey milestones they hit! This in and of itself is appealing to many fitness providers as our brand touchpoints, like the TRIB3 Journey are a great value-add for gym operators, enabling them to bring another level of personalisation, engagement and gamification to their gym offering.   

The appeal behind doing a B.I.G is very much in its name – Boutique in Gym. A B.I.G enables operators to deliver a boutique-like experience in a gym ecosystem. The TRIB3 methodology and brand allows a gym like TrainMore to expand their offering – it is a way to motivate and retain members, introducing them to a new workout model, one that embodies the aesthetics and quality of a boutique product, which is result-oriented, dynamic and most importantly – convenient!

Is the TRIB3 Heart Rate System optional or mandatory in a B.I.G?

Our Heart Rate System is integral to our workout methodology. It enables us to deliver our mission in our workouts – a fitness community where anyone can belong – so we encourage TRIB3Rs (people who do a TRIB3 workout) to wear a heart rate monitor (HRM) in every class, so to be effectively coached and not miss out on the opportunity to be celebrated and achieve those Journey milestones together.

Because this serves as a foundation for what we do – in our training, operations, product delivery and gamification – you will see that in TrainMore B.I.G, all members are assigned a HRM before entering the studio, making the process easy for the TRIB3R and ensuring they receive the full TRIB3 experience.  

Has the first launch been successful? And what are the keys to a successful launch?

It’s early days and our occupancy levels have been over 90% which at this point is the real metric. Overall, the feedback we’ve received from TrainMore members has been super positive – with a lot of excitement around the new and innovative way to experience a HIIT workout.  

The attention to detail leading up to the opening was critical to its success. We paid careful attention to the studio fit-out to ensure that the essence of the TRIB3 boutique experience is captured and successfully integrated into a smaller studio space within a gym environment, like that of TrainMore Koninginneweg.

Another central component was the training which was delivered to both coaches and TrainMore staff. We've invested heavily in our coach training to ensure that our coaches not only understand the product and how to deliver it, but also understand TRIB3’s vision and values and how this translates into their role as a coach in the studio – they become an integral part of our global community, making them key players in the success of a B.I.G.    

How do you ensure product quality in a different “ecosystem” like that of TrainMore?

Being a franchise business, a big part of our operations is to ensure we’re providing franchise partners with the tools and processes required to deliver the TRIB3 experience.  

We know our coaches are at the heart of this experience, making coach audits a central process for every studio. Our audits ensure that we’re meeting the brand’s standards and that TRIB3Rs are getting the experience we know our product provides so well, across every TRIB3 studio, worldwide. The importance of these audits goes beyond the workout itself, the success and longevity of a B.I.G is based on the standards of product delivery. While the TRIB3 coach training provides coaches with the knowledge and resources to deliver the TRIB3 experience, the audit process ensures those standards are upheld. 

The second B.I.G is due to open at the end of October – good luck to the team at TrainMore Haarlem with their launch!
Stay tuned for more news!

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