Global TRIB3 X Mindbody partnership confirmed

We are delighted to announce our strategic global partnership with Mindbody, the leading experience technology platform for the wellness industry. The partnership will see Mindbody’s expert team and encompassing software support all our TRIB3 franchise partners and teams across the globe with a reliable and streamlined operations solution

“We are currently on track to open more than 1000 locations by 2026, so it is imperative to have a software partner that we can rely on to power and actively support our expansion efforts as well as further streamline our digital operations. We are confident that Mindbody fills this need,” says our CEO, Kevin Yates “With this partnership with Mindbody we have a consistent blueprint for opening new stores and true collaboration on their ongoing development roadmap; that means we are able to bring consistency across the brand for franchise partners, consumers and our team.”

Josh McCarter, CEO of Mindbody and ClassPass, adds: “A key component of success for our fitness industry is community. Mindbody’s data consistently shows that sense of community plays a key role in why consumers choose to partake in wellness experiences. With a premium fitness offering and a keen focus on building and fostering community in each individual location, TRIB3 is poised for impressive growth. With an expansive and constantly evolving suite of offerings, we look forward to growing alongside TRIB3 in this partnership.”

With locations currently open in territories including the UK, Spain, and Finland and stores sold in eight countries globally, we are continuing to grow our network across the globe. Mindbody’s easy-to-use customer acquisition and retention features, streamlined reporting and payments offerings will support us in the most seamless way in delivering against our significant growth trajectory.

For more information about franchising with TRIB3 and the available partnership options, email the team today at

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