They’re already at the top of their game. Now they’re ready to excel at TRIB3

TRIB3 is proud to announce that we will be working in partnership with LAPS (Life After Professional Sport), the membership-only organisation specifically for professional sportspeople looking to plan for and transition into new careers after sport.

When you’re already among the best in the world, where do you go next? For elite athletes and sports professionals, finding that next step can be challenging. Through fostering our relationship with LAPS, we’ve gained an insight into how you define what’s next when the full-time whistle is blown on their professional sporting careers. Uncertainty is part of an athlete’s career – you never know when it might end, when the next generation will rise through the ranks or when injury might strike, so it’s never too early for athletes to think about what life after sport might look like.

LAPS has been set up specifically to help sports professionals and elite athletes plan for this - connecting organisations and sportspeople for mutual benefit. They provide members with a wealth of information, guidance and advice to help them transition successfully away from sport, working with organisations, governing bodies and charities to raise the profile of sportspeople in life after sport and create opportunities which benefit both sides.

There are real synergies between TRIB3 and LAPS and by collaborating we see an opportunity to help them realise their ambition to help their members find a successful, rewarding career after sport and fulfil their ultimate potential. As LAPS’ newest partner, we are connecting and building relationships with athletes across various sporting disciplines, who want to move into the fitness industry through franchising. Our scalable and unique ‘volume boutique’ model makes it a really viable option for people looking to start their own business and join the positive and booming boutique fitness sector. Athletes already have the natural mindset to succeed and their careers give them valuable experience to be massively successful within the fitness industry.

TRIB3 Chief Development Officer, Karl Dietrich, says, “Sportspeople make great franchise partners on so many levels as they exhibit the personality traits which naturally lead them to excel and become successful business people outside sport, as well as strong discipline and intrinsic motivation. That’s why I am delighted to partner with LAPS to reach this key audience, provide more education and guidance around franchising and help those seeking to plan ahead for opportunities beyond their competing careers with a truly unique and commercially exciting franchise concept. The team at LAPS really do look after their members and we at TRIB3 feel really proud to be working with them to shape future franchise partnerships and foster true brand ambassadors.”

LAPS Head of Partnerships and Events, Terry Moor says, “We know that a lot of professional athletes are interested in working in the fitness industry after they finish competing, and also that a lot of them want to run their own business. The franchise with TRIB3 is a great opportunity for LAPS members to do both of those things, and we’re looking forward to working closely with the team at TRIB3 to let our members know all about it.”

At TRIB3, we are dedicated to bringing people together through next-level workout experiences. This exciting partnership will also see us host the first LAPS Member Meetup of 2022 at our TRIB3 Edinburgh studio on 15 February where their athletes will tour our signature industrial-luxe store and experience the ultimate group HIIT class across three zones (Treadmills, Resistance and Intensity). This event will give an insight to the LAPS member base into this booming sector, TRIB3’s unique proven volume boutique business model and how they can transition to lead the way in an industry that empowers people to be fit and active, supported by a team with decades of experience in the fitness industry. With more than 58 stores now sold globally, it’s such an exciting time to join TRIB3.

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